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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 941 vs. Form 941 Schedule B

Instructions and Help about Form 941 vs. Form 941 Schedule B

Are you ready to start producing your quarterly forms? Let's start with the federal quarterly reports, the form 941 and 941 schedule B. After completing this lesson, you will be able to e-file or print the form 941 and form 941 schedule B. To access these forms from the payroll tasks menu, select federal e-file and reporting. In the list of forms, select the 941 schedule B, 941 V report, then use the drop-down to specify the quarter. Then select the year for which you wish to print the form. Now click next. The employee to process screen opens. If you would like to remove certain employees from a report, you can deselect them here. All employees are selected by default. You do not have to deselect employees who have not worked in the quarter you are producing the forms for, as this happens automatically. Click next when ready, then click generate. The company setup wizard will open. Your EIN will be displayed here. Click next to continue. Most of your company information will pre-fill, but you will want to verify the information is correct and make changes if necessary. Many forms contain information about the person who prepared it. To have that information filled on your forms automatically, enter the information in the bottom part of the window. This can always be changed or entered on the form itself, but if it's the same person completing these forms each time, you can enter it here to save some time. Once you have verified all information on this screen is correct, click next. Choose the type of tax preparer you are and click next. The form 941 requires a signature. To add a signature, click add. Enter the name, title, and four-digit pin for the signature. Click in the "click here to sign...