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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing irs form 941 schedule b 2021

Instructions and Help about irs form 941 schedule b 2021

Laws dot-com legal forms guide interest in ordinary dividends Schedule B step one in line one report all of your taxable interest taxable interest can be found on your 1099 AMT 1099 - o ID or substitute statements list all ie h h h and i US savings bonds do not report any tax exempt interest from box eight or nine of form 1099 int if you're listing any interest from a seller finance to mortgage and the buyer used the property for a personal residence see the instructions on the back of the sheet step two follow these steps for lines two through four line to add the amounts from line one line three lists excludable interest on series EE and I US savings bonds after nineteen eighty nine and attached form 8815 line four subtract line three from two if over fifteen hundred dollars you need to complete part three note for line three if you cashed EE or I US savings bonds issued after nineteen eighty nine and you paid for higher education expenses for yourself your spouse or dependents refer to form 8815 to see if you can exclude these expenses step two on line five report all of your ordinary dividends and lists the payers name and the amount the amount should be in your 1099 - div or substitute statements if you received a 1099 - div that includes ordinary dividends you received as a nominee report the total on line five in all cases under the last entry on line five put the subtotal for all ordinary dividends and put nominee distribution below the subtotal subtract the amount from the subtotal and enter the results on line six note if line six is over $1500 you need to complete part three step 3 for the first question check yes if at any time during 2021 you had financial interest in signature Authority or a financial account within a foreign country refer to the forms instructions for more information for the second question on line 7a regard form TDF 90 - twenty-two point one to see if you need to the form and check yes if you need to file the form if you check yes on line eight you may need to file form 35:20 if you're the grantor or transfer or of a foreign trust to watch more videos please make sure to visit laws dot-com.