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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing form 941 2021

Instructions and Help about form 941 2021

Music problem 8a - 4 in this problem we're going to do the form 941 the quarterly form for calculating your FICA asti like a Medicare and the fit that the company owes to the government don't forget there's an instructor tip here and the first thing I want to tell you this is something that's a little bit different it says note for this problem YTD your to date earnings for this problem means this periods wages plus the wages prior to this paper aid so let's open up this table so this year to date earnings here means that pam has made ninety five thousand eight hundred fifty dollars including this months earlier earnings so that is what that is all about and then when we get to the form 941 if line 7a is 0 cents do place a zero on line 7a and 7h so if you forget where this instructor tip is located it's at here under question help and then view an instructor tip so the following is a monthly payroll for the last three months of the year for Hinson sporting goods shop and it gives you the address for filling out the 941 the shop is a sole proprietorship owned and operated by Bill Hanson employer ID number for the Hinson sporting goods is 2a - 9 3 1 1 893 so again that's for filling out the form 941 so here's the payroll information these people are paid monthly so that's just to make this problem a little bit simpler so we've got 3 months pay activity we've got october/november we scroll down and then we have December and we've got three employees Pam Adams Jim Lee and then Dave Oswald let's see what else we got here the employees at Henson and are paid once each month on the last day of the month Pam Adams is the only employee who has contributed the maximum into Social Security now the none of the other employees will reach the Social Security wage base limit by the end of the year I mean you can just tell that by scrolling down to December so here's December remember the year today earnings means the prior earnings like this ninety ninety eight thousand eight eighty plus this month's earnings a forty to fifty puts Pam Adams over the wage base for Asti so when we're calculating taxable asti we're gonna have to remember that and then assume the rate for Social Security is 6.2 percent wage base of a hundred two thousand and the rate for Medicare is one hundred for oxygen to be one point four or five percent on all earnings incidence is classified as a monthly depositor for the pay form 941 payroll tax deposit and if you need to look at the blank form 941 the whole thing here you go now on canvas I also have posted for you it's called the form 941 with annotations so if.